Can you Cook with CBD Oil?

Will Cooking with CBD get me high?  We all know that the vast majority of us are foodies at heart and those of us that can be bothered - love to cook! With the rapid uptake in popularity of CBD and its first-hand benefits from people all across the world, naturally, the two are going to be paired together before long. On one hand, you have the seasoned users that are looking for new and exciting ways to incorporate CBD into their lifestyle because they can’t get enough of it, then there are the chefs that are looking to level...

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What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

  CBD, short for cannabidiol is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Unlike the other well-known cannabinoid THC, CBD is non-psychoactive which means, no matter how much you take it will not induce any psychoactive effects, however, CBD has been proved to aid with things such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, Inflammation, recovery and many many more. The most common form of taking CBD (currently within the UK) is through sublingual methods. Place the CBD on your sublingual glands (under your tongue) and then wait for 30-60 seconds until the CBD oil goes into your bloodstream. This...

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How is CBD Made?

  When asking how CBD is made, you first need to know where it comes from, what variants are available and which form of CBD you are talking about being made and their own unique processes. Whether it’s CBD Oils, CBD Cream, CBD Capsules, all of these will have different formulation methods and were going to go through them for you.  What is CBD?  Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most prevalent active ingredients in cannabis (after THC.) Whilst CBD is an important and essential component in the use of medical marijuana (due to its healing properties and potential benefits) but...

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Can I Drive after taking CBD? 

In short, the answer is YES, you can drive after taking CBD.   Can CBD affect my judgement?  This is a frequently asked question that we hear a lot. With the ever-growing popularity of the plant, more and more people are starting to use CBD and incorporate it into their everyday lives. 4-6 million people consumed CBD within the UK in 2020, so rightly so, this question of whether it is going to be safe or not to drive is expected if people who know nothing about CBD are trying it for the first time. CBD is one of many...

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