How Can CBD Help your Pets?

How can CBD Help Your Pets?

Here is an article to help our furry friends and their owners...

There are lots of pet owners who believe CBD can indeed help their pets to keep calm when going to the park, getting aches and pains and other stressful events. We reached out to pet owners who have used CBD to calm their pets during stressful times, and this is what they had to say:

Jen Jones. Founder of Your Dog Advisor, a leading blog for dog owners. Jen is a professional dog trainer and behaviour specialist with more than 25 years of experience.

“CBD oil has yet to be officially recognised as a medicinal treatment for most veterinarians, though many will stand behind its positive effects, especially when it comes to helping animals with anxiety.

I always recommend that my clients speak with their vet to ensure their pet is a good candidate for CBD oil to help with anxiety before attempting to self-medicate.

CBD Oil can have calming effects on dogs when given in correct doses. Because it does not contain THC, CBD oil does not get your dog "high", but instead helps relax them and can be helpful for fireworks, bonfires, and other stressful events for dogs.

When looking for CBD oil to give to your dog, look for the purest forms, and forms that are designed to give to canines. Always read the directions and give the oil only as directed. Again, speak with a vet who can help guide you.”



Megan from K9 of Mine, had this to say:

“I don't give my dog CBD for one-off situations, as I haven't noticed it having much of an effect. CBD isn't really designed to help with single event situations. Usually, CBD works best when given consistently for several weeks.

I've been giving my dog CBD for some joint issues as well as general anxiety around other dogs. I've definitely noticed some mellowing of his behaviour, but of course we've also been trying several other remedies like more challenging puzzle toys and increased exercise, so it's hard to say for sure if the CBD is having a big effect.

Still, I do feel it makes a difference! Plus, with CBD oil & dog chews that are so easy to dispense, I feel there's no reason not to keep using it. Remy loves them too!” - I don’t have any dog chews

A CBD supplement can curb these emotions in your dog and protect the animal against unnecessary stress.’

- Dr Robert Silver -

a vet with over 30 years’ experience and author of the book Medical Marijuana and Your Pet


It’s also widely believed and reported by users that CBD can help calm animals on bonfire night.

In fact, there are now many pet owners who swear by CBD, and also use it on their pets for other occasions too.

Do you give your pet CBD? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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